Walking Recording App

WalkRecord (walking record)

For me as Developer it is the first application to become a memorable application.

Application description

When starting for the first time, please allow to use location information service.

If you do not allow it, the application will end, so please be careful.

It is an application that displays walking locus using GPS.

Move with 50 m interval Displays the current time of each point and the distance from the recording start point with a pin.

Unlike a pedometer, the distance between moving points represents the distance between GPS points, so within 50 m

The distance traveled in is not counted.

Also, the corners and the like are not the actual walking distance along the road but the distance of the shaded triangle

So it is displayed shorter than the actual, but if the distance becomes longer it may be in the error range.

It is said that the accuracy of GPS is error 10 m, but malfunctioning indoors and tunnels also

Although it is conceivable, as I tried using it, the pin may fly, but it was roughly accurate.

As I walked, since the place I moved is indicated by a pin, I can see where I walked afterwards

I think it is convenient for walking around a town that I do not know.

Functions and operations

You can record and stop the moving track, clear the distance of the pin, play and delete the movement history, and so on.

Record / stop button

Start the location information service in the record and click the record twice to stop the location information service.

If you are not using this application, please stop to prevent battery drain.

Distance clear button

Clear the distance meter to your current location (red pin) and set it to 0. Also measure the distance from that point start.

The current time and the distance from the recording start point are displayed on the pin. This is the pin information

Since it is memorized, it is displayed when you click on an arbitrary pin.

History play / delete button

We will play back the record and delete the record so far.

It is used to delete previous records such as when you want to measure newly.

Latitude longitude label

The latitude and longitude of the current position (pin position) is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Also displays the distance between the previous position and the current position and the total distance from the recording start point.

By this we can see how much we moved.

Please install on iphone and actually walk and check the operation.

Green Developer's Room

今年、AppleのPrograminng言語 Swiftを知って何かアプリを作ってみたいと思い、雑誌のSwiftコーナーなどに記載されていたサンプルプログラムを作ってみました。割と簡単にできてそのアプリが動いたことに驚きました。いつかApple Storeにアップロードしたいと野望を抱きながらSwiftの勉強をしてきましたが、今回夢が叶いました。でもわからないことだらけで奮闘中です。


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